Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This blog will no longer be updated

Yeah, call me a fickle. First I decided to stop, then i decided to bring it back, now decided to stop again.

For now, i have decided that I will no longer be updating this blog. So kindly point your browsers to for my personal blog

or for Bryan's blog.

See you there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Is In My Bag?

Got tagged by SiwwPig on this one.

My bag contents are very boring, coz I don't carry a handbag. On workdays, I will just carry my laptop backpack to work. So the bag will contain

- Laptop (of course :D)
- My purse
- Small cosmetic bag with mirror
- A lipstick & lip gloss inside the bag
- My house & car keys
- Cell phone

Told ya, i have boring stuff in my bag.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend/ Visiting/ Holiday parent

Whenever I hear people talk about sending their babies to babysitter full time (24 hours a day), I always feel very sad for the baby. Yes, it is tough to care for a baby at night after a long day at work, but it is OUR baby – our flesh and blood. Is it not worth making sacrifices for?

There is a Chinese saying, “The mother who cares for the baby has more contributions than the mother who gives birth to the baby.”

I couldn’t agree more. Getting pregnant and delivering a baby is just the first step. It does not automatically qualify one as a mother. It is the nurturing & caring that the mother showers on the child that makes up the largest part of motherhood. Actually, this is the responsibility of both parents, not just the mother.

Many parents send their babies to a full time babysitter during work days. I call this the weekend parent. Some 7 days a week, never take their babies home and only comes for daily or occasional visits => Visiting parent. Then, there are those who send their babies to a babysitter in another town/ state or country. I have a cousin who worked in Singapore and their baby cared for by their parents in Perak. They only see their baby during holidays. This one is the Holiday parent.

No matter how much the babysitter loves the child, it does not equal daddy & mommy’s love and care. And the child can tell the difference. There are many researches that show that there are psychological impacts to the child.

Furthermore, there are so much joy in caring for a child that if you will not experience if you are just a weekend/ visiting/ holiday parent. So, please take care of your child. Don’t leave that job to your babysitter. If you have made the choice to have a baby, you should make all sacrifices to care for the baby as well

I'm back!

I've decided to revive this blog. It will be another avenue for me to pen more of my thoughts.

So hope to see you around soon.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Getting fit

This is a sponsored post

The slimming industry is definitely a booming industry. The advertisement promises great looks and a slim body without strenuous exercise or a strict diet. I particularly dislike these advertisements especially those targeted at new mothers.

Being a new mother myself, there is nothing embarrassing about having a few extra pounds after delivering a baby. That’s what Mother Nature intended us to have. The few extra pounds are needed to make sure that our body is able to provide the necessary nutritional requirements to our baby, during and after pregnancy (when breastfeeding).

That being said, having a fit physique is definitely a great confidence boost. In fact we should not work just towards a fit but a healthy physique. You can’t achieve that merely by going to a slimming centre.

What we need is a good regime which includes a good cardiovascular exercise, weight training and a healthy diet. And the result of this regime is a fitter you with a healthy glow, minus the hole in your bank account.

Sounds complicated and time-consuming. Not really. Actually, all we need is minimum 15-minutes exercise – 3 times a week. 15 minutes! That’s probably less than the time you spent in the shower daily.

OK, I am not asking you to replace your shower time with a fitness regime. I am merely saying that it is not as time consuming as you think. And you can make it work. If I can do it. You too!

Pillow to replace mummy?

Someone forwarded me an email about a pillow in the shape of a hand. The pillow can be placed over a sleeping baby to comfort and provide security to the baby. It supposedly helps to help the baby feel that his/ her mother is holding him.

The person who forwarded it to me says it's cute, and should get one for our new baby. Personally, I don't find it cute at all. In fact, I find it appalling.

How can a pillow replace a mother? Even if it is in the shape of a hand. Babies are meant to be held and comforted. The skin-to-skin contact is needed to help them grow and feel secure in the new environment. And babies are smart! They can definitely tell between a pillow and their mother.

Anyway, when I was a new mother, all I want to do all day is to hold my baby in my arms. That is the most beautiful feeling in the world. So I wouldn't want a pillow to take over my job, even if it can really do it.