Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Meal times are fun times

I look forward to each weekend...coz
1) No work...yippee
2) Get to spend the whole day with Bryan
3) Get to cook for Bryan

I really enjoy preparing Bryan's meals. Afterall, i only get to do it twice a week - Saturday & Sunday. takes a lot of time but at least i know he is getting good stuff.

Mommy's cooking is full of goodness & full of love!!

I will normally cook his porridge using meat based soup with different types of vegetables (brocolli, spinach, carrot, corn, potato, etc) .

So far i have tried pork and beef. I find the beef porridge really yummy. I used to puree his porridge in a blender but have stopped doing that when he is ~ 7.5 month that he learns to chew. So, what i will do is to chop all the vege till really fine. Still trying to get my mom to do the same. Well she says that Bryan choke or i think he feign choking when my mom tried to feed him chopped vegetable...but i have almost no problem feeding him.

For me, meal times shd be fun time. If he wants to feed himself...go ahead.

Anyway, i always prepare an extra spoon in case he grabbed mine.

And Bryan loves to drink from his cup...pretend to be adult, like cute. Although most of the water will end up on him or on the seat/ floor. But gotto watch him lo, coz sometimes, he got over excited and will choke.

But comparatively between my mom & I, Bryan seems to be more cooperative with me feeding him. Maybe it's because i let him have fun with his meals, not to say that my mom is not. But i more cincai kua.

But if he starts fussing or crying, i will stop feeding him. So i guess he knows that if he wants to eat, he gotta cooperate, or else no more food.

Yeah...more fun normally means more mess, more clean ups. But then again, the smile on his face is worth all the trouble....

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