Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Because I can

Almost every weekend, we have to make a trip down to Pulau Tikus to an Organic shop to get vegetables & fruits for Bryan. There is a few near our house, but their selection is not as good and their stock are not replenished as often as PT.

As far as possible, I try to give Bryan organic food, even rice. For rice, I actually give Bryan a mix of white and red rice. I bought a pack of polished medium grain rice when I started Bryan on solid. Being a gung-ho mother, I bought imported from US rice which cost RM18.50 per kg. Then realized that I should give him unpolished rice cause it has more nutrient. So I went back to the store to look for unpolished red rice because my colleague told me that it is more fragrant than unpolished white rice which may smell stale sometimes.

The shop keeper told me that the unpolished variety may be hard on bb’s digestive and recommended me the semi-polished red rice. The one he recommended is from Kelantan and only cost RM8.50/ kg. What a big difference in price! Yay for made in Malaysia!

So what I do was mix a batch of white + red rice, wash till clean, microwave dry it, and then grind it. Grind to make it easier for mom to cook and make sure that it is easier on bb’s digestive system. Last time, I use to grind to powdery texture. Now I just grind into small granules.

Last Sunday, LK got curious and asked me why I want to be so mah-fan? Why can’t I just give Bryan the regular stuff? Why I need to prepare even rice for him? Why don’t just let my mom do it?

Answer: Because I can.

Some people also ask me why I am still exclusively breastfeeding Bryan at 9 mths. Why? Because I can. Why should I give him 2nd best (formula milk) when I can give him the best?

Of course, I know I will not be able to do everything for Bryan, just as I will not be able to look after him 24 x 7. If I cannot do it or get it for him, fine. I will not worry about it. But if I can, why not?

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