Monday, September 25, 2006

Bite = kiss (love) ?

Sometimes when Bryan is geram, he will grab our face and try to bite our cheeks, nose or chin. He will do it when he is over excited when we are playing with him, or if we annoyed him - either we hugged or tickled him too hard, or he just plain want to do that.

He does that to other children or babies too. His cousin Mel (7 yrs old) is very scared of him coz she say he bites. And when he gets close to baby cousin Jasmin (6 wks old), he will open his mouth as if he wants to bite her. But he is more gentle with Jasmine than with Mel. With Mel, he will lunge forward, but with Jasmine, he will lean gently forward.

And Bryan only do this to people he knows and likes. Maybe it is his way of showing affection. I mean we kiss him all the time on his cheeks, so i guess biting is his way of kissing back.

Ouch, love really hurts sometimes...LOL


Hijackqueen said...

Don't forget to wipe the wet cheek away. :)

shooi said...

Hijackqueen, you just "opened ceremony" for my blog comments - the very FIRST comment! Yeah!

babykhong said...

Hi, Shooi. We did communicate through mymomsbest few months ago, remember? We both have a boy born in November 2005 and both of them starts with 'B'.

Good to see you having a blog about your baby. Got your link through Mumsgather.

Welcome aboard and Happy Blogging!

shooi said...

Hello Babykhong, yes i do remember u and your baby - welcome welcome. So nice of u to drop a note.