Sunday, September 24, 2006

Proud grandparents

My parents are really a pair of protective grandparents. It is obvious to everyone that they love Bryan to bits. Their neighbour, an elderly woman also took care of a baby girl - YanYan who is about 2 months older than Bryan.

But the girl is very "smart" - she understands most of the things we say, she can say quite a lot of words, can walk/ run unassisted and can imitate a lot of actions - the most funny is the "kepala sakit"action where she will put her hands to her forehead feigning headache.

So in comparison to YY, Bryan is very quite far behind, but i have always told my parents to not care or compare about it. Children develop at different speed and there is really no use to compare. And to be honest, Bryan is not behind in his development milestones, so there's nothing to worry about.

Last Friday, my mom told me that she don want to take Bryan out when YY is outside. Coz YY's grandma said to the other neighbours that YY is faster in her development than Bryan

How kiasu, and in a way sad, coz the old people's kiasuism is in a way affecting the children, since Bryan will have less chance to play with YY until my mom gets over it. Luckily, me knowing my mom, it won't be long.

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