Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How long to BF?

How long to breastfeed?

I really don't know. Main reason to introduce formula is I want to reduce pump sessions at work to max 1. Work load has been extremely heavy lately, with meetings/ teleconferences from 730am to 6pm, and then starting again at 9/ 10pm till midnight.

Basically, that has been my schedule in the last 3 days...Tonight also got conference till 12 mn. A few more days like that and i will see-sua (fall into pieces). Already i am having headache. So now taking a few minutes to blog and unwind, before getting back to work madness.

So introducing formula has nothing to do with planning for #2.

#1 has taken all my available time and not available time as well. And having #2 will surely kill me. Definitely have to wait till Bryan is bigger before planning #2. He still need 100% of my attention when i am with him.

Anyway, back to my title. Answer: don't know...kekeke. But probably not beyond 2, coz he will be a big boy then.

And when that time comes, i will surely be very sad and miss the special moments with him. Especially when he goes "mmmmm"....and gives me a smile during nursing, as if to say "thank you mummy"

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Pei Sze said...

Same with me. I feel embarrassed when others asked me how old my son is, especially new mothers in the clinic. One year is already very long for them. I will definitely miss my baby too after I stopped.