Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunday Swim Session

This is a backdated post.

Went to Adventist with my friend to pick up our health screening report. Her husband, mine and Bryan came along as we do not expect our doctor's appointment to take long and we plan to have breakfast together later.

After our doctor's appointment, we went to Chung Hwa @ Midlands for dim sum breakfast, and proceeded to shopping at Gurney Plaza. (since Queensbay just opened, we figured that Gurney will be quite empty, and it is *he*he*)

Bryan was so excited with the Xmas deco there…the colorful baubles, balloons and stuff that it was so difficult to get him to nap. And he missed his morning nap, so he’ll get really cranky if he doesn’t sleep. Luckily in the end he did nap, for about 1 hour, while we had a late & light lunch at Dome.

Bought a new pair of floats at Parkson and we got home about 430pm. Breastfed him and tried to get him to nap. He wasn’t interested. So what shall we do?

Let’s go swimming again…with the new floats.


Bryan was not afraid of the water at all. The moment I let go of him, he kicked and waved his hands gleefully. This time, he even knew how to hold up his chin and to keep his mouth closed, as he bobbed up and down in water. But of course, he still did get a few mouthfuls of water in his mouth…I don’t want to think what’s in the pool water. I just hoped that the chorine will kill whatever bacteria in there.Hubby used the wrong setting on this photo, and it turned out blue...

After a few rounds of kicking around, when I tried to hold him close, he even push me away. He allowed me to gently support him and guide him as he floats but he refuse to let me hold him close.

The water, again was cold. In fact, I was feeling cold, but this boy did not seem to feel it.

As usual, when take him out from the pool, he wailed loudly and caught everyone’s attention at the pool.


Pei Sze said...

Envy. I consider buying the float for Hin Lerk but his hand was so skinny & I doubt he can fit in. Therefore I bought an expensive suit for him from Toys'rus, something like a life saving jacket. But he refused to wear it. He prefer me to hold him. I thought the float that Bryan wear was for 3 years & above?

IMMomsDaughter said...

He looks like he really enjoys the water, that's good, so can start him early with the swimming lessons

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, clever boy!!!

jazzmint said...

kids love water, when you take them out of it they will always complain :P