Friday, July 14, 2006

Cameron Highlands: Day 2

What better way to start the day than breakfast at the tea plantation. My favourite is the Boh Bharat Plantation tea house. Wanted to order their masala chai but no stock. So settled for strawberry tea instead. LK and my parents had sandwiches and me…scones again.

Tea plantation

Hot tea and scones.

After having scones at Old Smokehouse, these really pale in comparison taste-wise, though they do look great in photo.

The 2 wise men…

Hey what are you guys staring at?

For lunch, we went to the Watercress Valley farm for steamboat. Best steamboat I ever had at Cameron. I have been to 2 restaurants at Tanah Rata before and a few at Brinchang but this one is the best.

Their soup base is herbal with wolfberry, ginseng root and other Chinese herbs. And you get unlimited servings of really fresh watercress. Their steamboat ingredients were also fresh. Better than the ones we had at Brinchang/ Tanah Rata. Result - soup that is really “cheng-tim” (clear & sweet) and superbly refreshing. After the chicken overdose the day before, this is really welcoming.

Traditional charcoal fire steamboat

This photo was taken seconds before Bryan upset my bowl of soup all over my jeans.

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