Friday, July 14, 2006

Cameron Highlands: Day 1

Since it was a windy road uphill, we kept Bryan strapped to his car seat. So he did not sleep at all during the 1.5 hr journey. When we arrive and check into the hotel, he fell asleep almost immediately, after getting his milk.

Our hotel room…guess which one it is?

The garden below our hotel room.

With gong-gong & po-po at the garden.

It was a rainy afternoon, so what better to enjoy a cold afternoon than a nice cuppa tea. I decided to take my parents to the Old Smokehouse hotel for hot tea and scones. It is just minutes away from our hotel and the scenery is very nice.

Bryan still sleeping when we arrive at the Old Smokehouse hotel.

Ain't it nice & cosy?

Bryan just loves the flowers.

Hmm….come to think of it, I don’t think he’s ever had such close encounters with the flowers before.

A romantic dinner for 3?

Two's a company, Three's a family! :)

Bryan, kong-kong, po-po

Bryan really love the cool crisp air. He was very fuss at all, when we take him here & there to snap the photos. hahaha...we were like passing baton. I think he was the star of the day (and everyday). It seems as if every single photo we took must have him in it.

He started fussing the moment we got indoor again....

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