Friday, July 14, 2006

Ipoh: Food glorious food

All we did in Ipoh was to go to different places to eat. And all poor Bryan get to do is stare at our food.

Day 1: LK wanted to have the “cheong” satay at Kong Heng and I wanted the egg custard. We arrived there shortly after 1pm, and they are all sold out.

For dinner we went to have bean sprout chicken at Cowan St shop. Then back to hotel to rest coz we were very tired. LK spent the evening glued to the tv while I read a book I brought along.

Day 2: Morning is coffee time. And when u are in Ipoh, there is no better coffee than white coffee at Ipoh Old Town.

Ipoh old town...this place bustles with activity in the morning but will be all quiet in the afternoon, after lunch in fact. Ipoh people really so good, why not continue till later?

Our favourite is the coffee at Sin Yuen Loong/ Sin Yuen Foong.

Lunch – we wanted to have an early lunch at Foh San to avoid the morning crowd. But too bad, when we arrive, most of the items were sold out. So we tah pau my mom’s fav lotus paste pau (frozen ones). The pau was Rm3 each and we bought half a dozen + 2 other types of pau (cooked ones). Overall, we spent over RM22 on paus…ridiculous hor!

Then we head to the salted chicken place and found that they had turned the entire shop into a big kitchen. There are no more places to eat at the shop. They only have take-aways. So since we are already there, mah tah-pau one for snacks later.

Turn turn turn, looking for a good place to eat, in the end have bean sprout chicken again at Onn Kee, since it was just nearby. And met a fellow Agilent colleague (Tock) there too with his family. They just came from Cameron.

Bean sprout chicken (again) at Onn Kee for lunch.

I think we had a major chicken overdose in Ipoh…..BURRRRRP!! No more chicken in the next few days.

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