Monday, July 31, 2006

Don't leave me......

Although Bryan can't talk yet, it is obvious he knows who is who. Every morning, when I send him to my parents house, his face will light up, he'll wave his hands and kick his legs actively when he sees my father's face appear at the car window....It means that his boring car journey has ended and gong-gong has come to save him.

Now, when we say kai-kai, and if we leave without taking him along, he will cry. This morning, Bryan was sitting on the sofa when LK say bye-bye and pretended to leave. Immediately, he clambered over the sofa towards the door, crying for his daddy.

And at night, he refuse to sleep in his baby cot liao. Really tau hin. Most babies can sleep in the cot until way past 1, but Bryan has been refusing that more than a month ago. If we let him sleep in the cot, he'll wake up crying every 30 mins.

So now, he sleeps on the queen mattress on the floor. And we pile bolsters and pillows around him to stop him fr rolling onto the cold, hard ceramic floor. On the floor, around the bed, we line it with exercise mat & blankets to help cushion his fall. As we are still not confident to let him sleep alone, we are co-sleeping with him in his room, but have been debating whether is it safe to let him sleep alone yet. The longer we delay letting him sleep alone, the harder it will get.

If we sleep next to him, even if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will go back to sleep on his own. But if we are not around, it will be "WAAAA......"

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