Sunday, July 30, 2006

When mommy is not around….

Today, I went for dim sum with my friends. But before I left, I made sure the following items for Bryan


  1. Breastfed Bryan first
  2. Steamed carrot for him to chew (to be inserted into the Munchkin baby feeder)
  3. Showed LK which bottle of expressed breastmilk to feed Bryan, in case he asks for some, and where the bottle teats are.
  4. Teething biscuits
  5. Cereals and baby rusks.

On top of that, I also left clean toys for Bryan to play with during my absence. He puts everything into his mouth now.

I was suppose to leave the house at 730am, so that can get home by Bryan’s next milk feeding & nap time, which is around 1000am. But friend woke up late, so left the house only at 800am.

I got home at 1030am, expecting that Bryan would have been given some biscuit & water/ milk/ cereal. …but no.

Daddy kept him entertained with MTV (daddy also need to relax right), toys and lotsa banging on my piano but no food leh…Only carrots to chew on, but that can hardly fill his tummy. He barely ate the carrots i prepared. But i think he had fun chewing it.

Poor baby…he was so happy to see me. Obviously he was feeling hungry because he asked for his milk immediately. Nahh…he cannot talk yet, but I know when he wants his milk.

Fell asleep immediately after milk feed.

Aiyoo…like that how to go out worry-free in the future. Tau-hin la…

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