Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hairstyles…Kor Lo

Bryan always had funny hairstyles from birth…

When he was born, it was China-pek hairstyle. The nurses at maternity ward joked that his hairstyle looked like those of the Ah-peks drinking coffee at the kopi tiam.

Chinese ah-pek hairstyle at birth

Koala hairstyle at 3 mth. Can see the 2 spot of hair by the side of his head, above the ear?

The first thing Dr Sim (his current pediatrician) say to me when I took Bryan to see him was –“His hair will grow evenly by the time he is one. Don’t worry…” Well apparently, this is a typical concerns from many new parents.

But, I never never worry about his physical appearance, especially not his hair. I don’t expect a perfect child; I just want him to be healthy and happy.

Then, it was lau-beh China-boy style….And coincidentally, it was Chinese New Year

My friend Emily actually asked me why I did this to my son? Is it in the spirit of Chinese New Year celebration? *hehe*chuckle* No lah dear….natural one la.

Can spot the Chinese New Year cartoon boy hairstyle at the side?

Finally, now, his hair has finally even out.But one thing remained …until now, people still say he has Kor Lo…err direct translation to English…Auntie Road??

Basically, it means that he will get along well with his Kor-Kor (LK’s sister).

So true keh…?

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