Sunday, July 16, 2006

Durian, durian, I love durian

Our love for durian peaked when I was pregnant with Bryan. Buying durian was a never missed itinerary each week during the durian season each. Given our love for durian….we decided to share it with Bryan.

Results…..HE LOVED IT!!!

Actually this is not the first time we let him try durian. My mom and aunties (#3 & #4) has let him tried a few times…but this is the first time we caught it on camera. Aunt #4 says that should let them taste durian from small so that they will learn to like them when they are older. Makes sense as durian is definitely an acquired taste.

We dare not let him have too much as durian is a very nutritious but heaty fruit. Only a few taste each time. He actually asked for more. And later at night at Lee Loong’s place, we had some more durian brought by LK’s mom. He was also asking for durian but we did not let him have any. Poor baby.

Hmmm...I think by this time next year, he's gonna be fighting for durians with us.'s gonna be so much fun. :)

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