Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hair cuts

Bryan hair is getting longer and unmanageable. LK wanted to keep it long hoping that the weight as it gets longer would help the hair to stay flat. Unfortunately, his hair continue to stick out at all angles.

As the weather nowadays are quite hot, Bryan head will be sweating each time we played with him. After much deliberation, we decided to take him to the “Brothers” indian shop for a haircut.

He had been there before, and it was ok. He calmly let the barber cut his hair with the shaver last time. He only cried when the guy cut “slope”. So this time, we told the barber just shave his head same length and no need “slope”.


Bryan cried immediately when the man start cutting his hair.


Aiyaa…still handsome baby la. Still is mummy's cute-cute baby boy....

Some more can still go for the next “Penang Supermodel Baby”…hehehe.

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