Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cute Baby Contest

There ..I’ve submitted Bryan’s photo for his first baby photo contest. It’s the Johnson’s Baby of the Year Contest. Actually I submitted 2 entries. Not because of kiasu but the grand prize is very attractive leh…RM15,000 cash and loads of other prizes such as digital camera + printer, toys, etc etc. Yalah, I know, what are the odds of winning, but if I don’t try then no chance. If try, at least got 0.00000……1% chance, Better than none mah hor. Rm15K will really help ease the load of his education fund off our shoulders. (kekeke...all mothers think that their own baby is the cutest,..ok!)

We thought of entering the contest early last month, but never got around to selecting the photos until yesterday. So scrambled to get the photos printed and to get all the forms ready, cause the closing date is 31 Aug.

Anyway, below is one of the photo I submitted

So, cute boh?

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