Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gosh, I love feeding Bryan

Feeding Bryan is such a joy. Now, he gets 2 healthy servings of porridge daily. Each servings is about a small rice bowl, u know the bowls used by Chinese restaurant for serving rice. So I think that is quite a lot for a baby.

Open mouth...

AMMMM....Good boy....

And it will only take about 10 – 15 mins for us to feed him. And when we feed him, it has to be one spoonful after the other. He will protest if we delay. Sometimes the porridge is hot and we will blow slightly…he will also scream, scared that we will eat his porridge..hahaha. And if he comes near the kitchen when I am almost done with the porridge, he will get all excited about it already. Can smell ma…his porridge very yummy smelling one ok…

And because he loves his porridge so much, it isn’t very messy either. Sometimes, we don’t even let him wear his bib, if he’s going to take a bath after that. OK, I don’t believe in the crap that you should not bath after a full meal. It is so much cleaner to let him have his meal, rest for a while then take a bath. Besides, it will also allow him to have some fun getting wet while feeding himself water from the cup/ bottle.

Having some fun with his water bottle

I have read and heard of “horror” (hahaha) stories of kids refusing to eat. Who will just keep the food in their mouth and refusing to swallow it. Some children take hours just to finish their meals. Others, refuse to eat most thing except for 1 or 2 particular item.

I was so afraid that Bryan will be like that. Thus, between my mom and me, we make sure that he gets some variety in his meals so that he does not develop a dislike for mealtime. And if he doesn’t like a particular item, we will not force him to eat it. We’ll just omit the item and try again in another few weeks. Just like spinach. At first he didn’t really like it. He still eats his porridge, but not as fast as normal. So we stopped giving it. Then after about 1 month, my mom tried adding spinach again, and he seemed ok with it.

Now he is only eating porridge, but I can’t wait to add more items to his menu…not just rice, but different types of noodles (mee sua, koayteow, etc), pasta, sandwiches,…Anxious mommy hor….

Afterall, don’t everyone love to eat. And if you like what you are eating, you are sure to eat them fast right? I think kids (and babies) are the same. It’s just that some kids are choosier than others. So we as parents have a challenge to find out what they like and help them to “enjoy” eating.

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