Sunday, September 17, 2006


Safely back from Genting Highlands yesternight. It was a pretty relaxing trip, something that i had not had for a verryyy long time. Since my mid-term pregnancy, LK had avoided taking me on any holiday. And since arrival of Bryan, we take him everywhere we go, so it is usually quite tiring.

Although we did not take Bryan to Genting, he was constantly on our mind. Everytime we see a cute ride at the indoor theme park, we'll go,..." think Bryan will be able to do that next year?" or "i think Bryan will love that ride by this time next year". Or when we saw a huge aquarium with huge fishes at one of the casino entrance, the first thing i said was, "Bryan will love this". And LK would say,..."eh how is our cutecute boy doing..." and that's a signal for me to call my mom to check on Bryan.

So taking Bryan to Genting is definitely in our plans when he's about 2 so that he can enjoy the indoor theme park.

But one thing i dislike badly about Genting is the poor air quality...there are just too many people smoking, indoor and outdoor. nose was terribly irritated the entire journey. That makes it less attractive as a vacation spot for kids. So i certainly would not take my kid(s) up there frequently. Once in a while (i mean a few years) ok la, but for a yearly holiday getaway, i would prefer some place like Camerons. Yeah, LK and i like the cool places. We are not much of a shopaholics so highlands serves us very well as vacation spots.

So was Bryan a good boy in our absence. Except for the extended bed time, he was a pretty good boy at my mom's place. No complaints. Normally at our house, he'll be asleep by 830 - 900pm but at my mom's place, 1030- 1100pm. Too playful, i guess. Luckily he slept through the night, so my parents can still have a good night's rest.

My dad slept with him the 3 nights while my mom shares my sis's bedroom (in my old bed). Guess Bryan is a real kong-kong grandbaby. My dad even took 2 days leave so that he can help babysit and take him kai-kai. No wonder Bryan did not miss mommy and daddy at all! He was treated like a prince the entire 3 days.

And he almost finished my entire frozen breastmilk stock (about 30 bags of 3-4 Oz) during the 3 day stay at my mom's. So that goods news. Before that, he rejected frozen milk and i had to throw away a few bags coz they have expired (> 3mths old). Luckily he accepted frozen milk again, otherwise, i will have to start him on formula when i am away.

So now, i can start again with the storing, ...not that i have that much extra to store anymore since i am very lazy to pump now. :P

And i just read in the breastfeeding forum that HA formula tastes bitter and some babies don't like it. Cham la. Bryan quite particular about milk taste, so i hope he will be cooperative when i need to start supplementing with formula.

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