Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tonight, Lk and I will be going to Genting for 3 nights (tonight included). This is the first time that we are going away without Bryan.

Coincidentally, my financial advisor fren , Hong is also going on a 2 week Europe holiday with his wife.

So yesternight, he came to our house to finalize our will and also my life insurance. I have been talking to him about increasing my life insurance coverage and also to write our will. But we didn't get any of it finalized until yesternight. Now both him and us can go for our holiday in peace. That if something happen, he doesn't owe us anything and I know that Lk & my estate will be carried out according to our wishes, and most importantly, Bryan will be taken care of materially and financially at least.

Before i had Bryan, i had no fear of death. If i go on a holiday, i have no fear. But now with Bryan, I fear death not because of death itself, but of what would happen to Bryan.

So it is definitely right to say that having a child is a life-changing experience. You will never think and act the same after the arrival of a child. Your priorities will be different, and you can be sure that most of the decisions you make will revolve around him (or her.)

Anyway, back to happier mood. Since i at Genting, wish me luck at the casino...kekeke.

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