Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Papa,mama,baba, bpa,bma...

After months of eh, heh, hai,..aei,...finally Bryan said papa, mama,papa, mama at the same time. Yesternight after dinner at my mom's place, on the way home, Bryan suddenly let out a string of papa, mama, baba, mapa,bma bma, and he went on saying that for a few minutes. It was certainly a very happy moment for both LK & I.

And just for the record, he was 10 months, 1 week & 3 days old when he said papa & mama.

Now is to teach him tht papa => LK, and mama => me.

Before this, he use to call me HEH (sounds like prawn in hokkien). My bfg friends at work use to joke that if I am HEH, then LK must be HU (fish)...hahaha...

Finally there's an end to my HEH days.

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