Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cooler bag

Bryan favourite bag is my Coleman cooler bag - that I use daily to transport my EBM from home/ office to my mom's place. Maybe because it is in bright silver color and I hav e a few key chains dangling from it.

But he can spend a long time, tossing & turning it, and take time to explore the key chains. If we are not paying attention, he will chew the labels & key chain too (EWwwwww...)

Yesterday, LK and I went to my mom's place together after work to have dinner & then pick him home. He was very excited to see us, and even more excited to see the bag. So after i had removed the bottles of EBM, i gave it to him to play on the living room floor.

While waiting for me to get the rice for our dinner, LK teased Bryan from the dining room table..."Nar bag" (take bag). To our surprise, Bryan got really angry and grabbed the bag close to him, screamed & kicked his legs. It was so funny to see him being so possessive.

We did not expect him to understand what LK meant. And we thought maybe it's because Lk made the hand movements.

So LK said "Nar bag" again without any hand movements. Bryan screamed again, and kicked angrily. It was absolutely hilarious.

It definitely proves that eventhough he may not speak, he does understand what we speak.