Sunday, September 10, 2006

First sickness

I am kinda proud that Bryan has never been sick since he was born. Yes, he had jaundice at birth and was admitted to the hospital once for vomit. But i don't really consider those as sickness.

For the hospital case for vomit, it was when he was 3 mths old. As he was still small, the paed was cautious and advised us to admit him. But during his stay, he was not given any medicine at all, although he as put on glucose drip (for fear of dehydration) and some vitamins only.

And i attribute his health to me breastfeeding him. Because he was and still is a breastfed baby, the paed say that he will recover without medicine.

Last Friday, was the first time he was really sick. His first fever. Mom called at 3++pm saying that Bryan temp was 37.6 C but i told her to just monitor as i have loads of work to do. Then, sis called at 545pm and said that Bryan' s temp was 38 C, and at that time , my immediate response is, i am going to send him to the paed.

So packed a few of his clothes and mine, in case he need to be admitted and then rush to pick mom & Bryan up to go see the paed.

His temp was 38.2 C at the paed's office and the paed classified it as symptoms of flu. May have got if fr Dad who just recovered. Anyway, paed say that he shd recover in 2 days time and advised me to breastfeed as much as possible.

Gave us paracetamol and some cough syrup.

Turned out that feeding Bryan those medicine was torture. He hated it. He vomitted the moment he tasted the medicine. I tried to taste it and it was very sweet. Smelt of medicine but sweet.

It took us a long time to feed him the medicine and he vomitted a couple of times during the process. In between, lotsa of cleanup - him, and the floor. And he looked so forlorn, as if we were intentionally tormeting him. He hunged tightly to my mom and in the process, vomitted over my mom's shoulder too.

But when i checked on him during the night, his fever has subsided, but i could hear a bit of phlegm in his breathing. So the next morning, i made him some rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. Then gave him his second dose of cough syrup. He really hated it, and tried to vomit out the syrup.

So that's it. I decided there and then i am not going to give him anymore medicine. Just monitor and let him get well on his own.

Luckily his situation continue to improve and there was no sign of sickness at all later Saturday afternoon.

So i guess, he just proved that breastfed babies do get sick very seldom but when they do, they get well really fast. I am so glad that I am still bfg him. This is probably another motivation for me to continue to bf him.