Friday, September 08, 2006

Ooops...I kiss someone's put-put

Yesterday was the last day of the Sushi King RM2 promotion. So since it was so cheap, I decided to take my mom for a treat. So after work, immediately rush home to P Terubong and fetch mom & Bryan. My sis & LK meet us at Sushi King BJ.

Arrived at BJ at about 6:10pm and there was a huge crowd outside. Luckily LK arrived earlier and therefore we can go in once everyone has arrived.

At Sushi King, as usual, we place Bryan into the baby chair. And in a few seconds, he turned around, grab the back of the chair, and pulled himself into a standing position. We did not even notice him doing it. When Lk noticed it, he was already standing proudly in his baby chair *pening*.

The chair does not have any strap to secure him & he would not sit still in the chair since he discovered a way to stand up. End up, we had to eat with him on our lap. Luckily it was just sushi, so fairly easy to eat.

After dinner, sis took mom home, LK drove home by himself and Bryan with me. But as it was late, he was quite fussy, so i had to keep entertaining him along the way.

As i stopped at the traffic light near my house, I forgot to switch my gear to Neutral but instead just continue to step on the brake. Then i played with Bryan and must have lose my footing resulting my car to slide to the front and knocked the backside of the Wira in front of me.

I kinda shocked and step out of the car and apologise immediately to the driver. Then i got back in to reverse my car. The driver inspected the car and realized that there were no damages, gave me the OK sign and got back into the car.

*Phew* Lesson learnt. No playing with kids while on the road! I may not be so lucky next time.