Friday, September 01, 2006


Finally, we bought a video camera. So far, we have been taking video from our digital camera. The quality is fairly good, but it is troublesome to convert to dvd, and thus difficult to share with family. Also the recording time is not long on the camera.

So yesterday, went to the camera fair at Gurney Plaza and bought the Sony DCR-DVD605E handycam. Cost was Rm1999 + free gifts - dvd player (worth Rm290), 3 dvds, handycam bag, tripod, umbrella, 2 sony cups (haha) & desktop calculator (pasar malam quality one). The price is usually standard but we get more gifts if we bought it during the fair

- 20 x Optical Zoom
- 800 x Digital Zoom - B&W Viewfinder
- 2.5 in LCD Screen
- Touch screen
- Carl Zeiss lens

The other model that we were considering was Panasonic. The advantage Pana model has is 30X optical zoom. But we have used Aunt 5 Sony handycam before and the video quality is very good. Plus Aunt 5 has bought the camera years ago and it is still in good condition, so sony quality is reliable. The Sony model is made in Japan. With Pana, we have no experience, and although the Lumix Panasonic camera we have is very good, i don't know about their handycam. Btw, we bought the Lumix camera coz it uses Leica lens and is also wholly made in Japan. Leica lens is the best (or one of the best) lens in the world. But their handy cam are not using any branded lens.

Another thing my sis cautioned me is to get a camera with built in flash (?) so that can get good night scenes. We have recorded good night scenes using Aunt 5's Sony. During our trip to Korea, I manage to record some street dance by the teenagers at their public park from easily 200-300M away and it was at night.

Anyway, I haven't tried recording on my new handycam yet. Can't wait to use it. It's definitely gonna help us capture a lot of precious Bryan moments.