Sunday, September 03, 2006

I need to pang-sai...NOW

When Bryan was a newborn baby, his bowel movements was very irregular. Average is once in 1 week, 7 days. Longest was 11 days.

Almost all the breastfeeding resource I read says that a breastfed baby will have very frequent bowel movements in a day,..sometimes more than 10. So inevitably, i was worried when my baby did not pang-sai when i took him home.

By the time Bryan is 10 days old, i had consulted 3 paeds about his bowel movements. All assured me that it is ok. Since he is a breastfed baby, i need not worry about constipation. It just means that he has absorbed all the nutrients from the breastmilk and thus, not much left to pass out from his system. And although it is not common, some breastfed baby really do not pangsai everyday.

His bowel movements was irregular until he started solid at 6 mths. Now he pangsai everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times as he is getting healthy servings of porridge with vegetables each day, a lot of undigested substance since his body is still learning to adapt to solids.

And usually he'll pangsai after his meal, or sometimes in the middle of his meal. And when he wants to pangsai...he will start fussing for no reason. If he's at my mother's home, she knows how to read the sign and will let him sit on the potty. But with us, I am still learning to read the signs. Sometimes i get it, sometimes i don't. If i don't, i will have another soiled nappy to throw away.

Yesterday after dinner at my BIL's house, he started fussing. Checked his nappy, sure enough, it was soiled. Changed it and 15 mins later, he fussed again. Checked nappy again,...soiled again. Aiyo, this baby thinks his parents very rich...a lot of $$ to spend on nappies.

Today, while I was feeding him dinner...he started screaming in a high pitch voice. He wasn't crying, just screamed,..sorta in a sing-song voice. I said to dh, maybe he want to pangsai, better let him sit potty.

Sure enough, he did pangsai. So, he really does know how to communicate to us, we just have to learn how to read the signs, until he learns how to verbalize what he want

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