Thursday, October 26, 2006

1st birthday party

We decided to take advantage of the Raya Holidays to have an early birthday celebration for Bryan. Afterall, it is only about a week earlier, as the actual day is next Thursday.

I had thought and planned about this day months in advance. I was thinking of a few options

#1: Afternoon garden party at the BBQ corner at our apartment grounds. The place is nice, shady and spacious. I was planning to hang balloons & streamers at the tree branches to create a party environment.

#2: Dinner party at a restaurant.

#3: Small party for just relatives at our house.

Finally we decided on #3, and I am happy about it cause
#1: It has been raining the last few days and the grounds are muddy and wet. It also rained towards the evening as well.

#2: Went to hubby’s colleague baby’s first birthday party and it felt more like a wedding dinner.

#3: Since only relatives are invited, Bryan is familiar with everyone (almost). Also, as it is at our house, Bryan was very comfortable…no stranger anxiety at all.

All the food at the party is home-cooked
Mom: Fried noodles + egg jelly + red eggs
MIL: Fried bee hoon + curry chicken
Me: Pasta with cheese & tuna
Aunt #5: Swiss roll blueberry cheese birthday cake, creamy cream puff, tuna rolls, cheese tarts

Unfortunately, Bryan cannot have any one of it, not even the birthday cake. Paed had advised me to continue to avoid giving egg to Bryan for fear of allergy.

Nevermind la darling, by this time next year, you will be able to enjoy everything on the table.

MIL had to hold Bryan's hands at the sides to get this photo, as Bryan will pull the cap down as soon as we put it on for him....


Angeleyes said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bryan!!!!
The party looked really fun and the cake is beatiful too! I have better start planning for Darrius's birthday too!!!

Hijackqueen said...

That's a really beautiful cake and cute baby. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bryan and I love the cake too :)