Saturday, October 28, 2006

Please don't pang-sai tonite, ok

Last 2 nights, it was as if I had travelled back in time to be a mother to a newly born infant.

On Thursday night , Bryan woke up at 430am ++. I breastfed him and he refused to go back to sleep. Instead he cried and cried and cried. Finally, hubby took him out to our bedroom, turned on the lights and let him play with some toys. Turned out, he want to pang-sai (pass motion) *shit* roll eyes*

He went back to sleep at ~630am, when it was time for me to get ready to work. I can hear our alarm clock go off in the next room as he dozes off.

Yesternite, Friday - Bryan woke up at 1230am. Again, I breastfed him and after that he cried continuosly. Refused to let me cuddle him and refuse to sleep on the bed. During the day, his EBM consumption had been very low, only about 10 Oz cause he napped for a long time. So i thought, maybe hungry. I refuse to take feed him my EBM in the fridge, because if he is not hungry, it will be wasted.

Since i plan to introduce formula after he officially turned 1, i decided to open a tin of formula. Made 4 Oz for him, but the moment, Bryan had a sip of formula, he spit it out. Actually, it looked as if he wants to vomit. (*formula really that bad meh???*).

For the next 2.5 hours, hubby and i tried this and that to calm him down. Finally, hubby took him to the living room and let him play some toys. And turned out, he want to pang-sai. Went back to sleep almost immediately after he pangsai and we changed his nappy. Think it was close to 4am by then.

Aiyooo...this baby ah!!!! Do you have to pangsai in the middle of the night? Can pangsai in the morning, afternoon or evening mah. Why middle of the night one???!!!!

I was about to go mad with Bryan crying non-stop and me feeling so sleepy & tired after a long day at work. Luckily hubby is very patient and helped to comfort Bryan, otherwise, i sure go cuckoo.

So today, hubby and i have been telling/ asking Bryan, "Want to pangsai boh? If yes, do it now ok? No more pangsai tonite" And he did pangsai in the afternoon liao la.

So, i am crossing my fingers for a good night's sleep tonite. Let's hope my wish come true.

Going to sleep now...ZZZZZ


Sasha said...

try to potty train him and make him poo poo everyday the same time..proly in the morning. Jayden has been poo pooing in out big toilet since 2 months old. Now, when we bring him to the toilet , he knows he need to poo b4 mandi..very clean!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Poor Mommy & Daddy. Hope the pang sai is back to normal time now. Btw, daddy very goodlah, always bring Bryan to next room so does not bother you.