Monday, October 02, 2006

Bryan is 11 months old

Now he can
  1. Say papa, mama, mum-mum, bye bye, bear bear, ai, kai-kai. These are the common words he says each day. Sometimes he will surprise us by imitating certain words as we say it.
  2. Pull himself up to a standing position.
  3. Take a few steps while holding on to something. Usually it is merry go round in his play pen.
  4. Understand most of the things we say. Eg
    1. When we say “suei-chiau” (sleep), he will find the nearest pillow and plop his head on it for 2 seconds. LOL. If only he can really go to sleep when we ask him to.
    2. Up or “Chi Lai” when he is bathing, he will get up, of course with our help. But will still cry because he loves playing with water.
    3. When we ask him to not put objects into his mouth. He will usually obey but sometimes can get angry. If he gets angry, he will throw the item down with force, only to pick it up again in a few seconds to continue playing , …and attempting to put it into his mouth.
  5. If we leave the room and go to another without him, he will crawl after us…usually crying along the way.
  6. Get down from his mattress (~ 6 inch high) on to the floor with no problem. No more hitting his head when getting down.
  7. Has developed fear of strangers. Takes a while to warm up to strangers now, and is quite clingy when he is in new places or among new people.
  8. He’ll clap my hand when I say “High 5” and offered my palm.
  9. Ask for food whenever he sees us eating.
  10. Can “drive” his car…backwards.
  11. Sleeps through the night with occasionally waking up for 1 feeding. Usually at about 530am because of the azan from nearby mosques. That’s the trouble with staying in apartments, can hear sounds from different directions.

He loves - The mirror.

He still doesn’t like to:-

  1. Sit in the stroller
  2. A bit more cooperative in the car seat. Still will cry to be let out of the chair but not loud (bad) enough for me to get him out. (Except yesterday night on the way to LK’s colleague’s baby birthday party. Did not cry loudly but was as if trying to make himself vomit. I know he is capable of doing that, so LK said to get him out quick).

And he has 2 little teeth at the bottom, and another 2 emerging tooth at the top. OK, now mummy got to start planning for your 1 year birthday.

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