Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Learning to drive?

Normally we do not allow Bryan to the driver seat, as we do not want him to make it a habit. But today, he got a fright from fireworks when we are about to reach home. And as i release him from his car seat, he called to his daddy. Since we have already parked the car, I decided to let him go to his daddy.

And as soon as he is behind the wheels, he started playing with all the knobs, and handles. Obviously he had been fairly intrigued and was excited to be allowed to touch.

His favourite obviously is to turn on the car wiper and to spray the water. He als

Later i found out that my dad regularly let Bryan sit with him at the driver's seat while waiting for my mum to finish her marketing.

No wonder he is so familiar with all the different car "control items" - whatever you call them

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