Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caring daddy

LK can be such a sweet and caring daddy sometimes. Eg,this evening, I went to the hairdresser for a wash, cut and set (got wedding lunch tomoro , and was out for 2 hours. He took care of Bryan, fed him porridge and kept him entertained while i was away.

When i am back, I prepared Bryan's bath water, and LK bathed and dressed Bryan while i vacuum the floor a bit and relaxed. Nowadays, Bryan has developed a wanderer spirit, and would be crawling all over the place or pulling himself up using anything & everything. LK would usually be the one who will rush to Bryan side to prevent any potential accidents.

And t0night, when its time for Bryan to ZZZZ, LK accompanied me while i nurse Bryan. It has been a long day and as the room is dark, it is a nice snoozy opportunity. It does not take long for LK to snooze off, and i was getting sleepy myself. Besides, during breastfeeding, our body releases the oxytocin (happy) hormone which helps one to relax.

Mana tau, this naughty baby go and give me a BITE....ARRRRGHHHHHHHH

So far Bryan has been a good baby while nursing. Except during the initial teething stage, he does not bite me during nursing as he understands that it is a no-no.

It was REALLY painful as he has 4 teeth now - 2 top & 2 bottom. So to let Bryan know that it is a BIG NO-NO, I smacked his cheeks a few times with my fingers (gently only la, angry but he his still my precious baby), and put him down immediately.

Of course la, Bryan begin wailing immediately, he cried even harder when Lk picked him up to comfort him as if to complain about me. But it did not take long for him to stop crying and i continued nursing him, with a bit of fear. But luckily no more biting and Bryan fell asleep soon after.

I fell asleep with Bryan and was only awaken by LK some time later. By the time i got out of Bryan's room, LK had retrieved all the dried laundry and was folding them at the living room.

So sweet! I want to write it down to remind myself to be thankful and appreciative of my hubby. Being a working mother is not easy, and having a caring husband certainly helps to make motherhood more enjoyable.

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