Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival 2006

Today is Bryan's first Mid Autumn Festival. We bought him his first lantern, a battery operated Baby Donald Lantern which emits the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, a few weeks ago.

Bryan also have a David Beckham lantern which plays the "Here we go, ole, ole, ole song". The figure will kick the football when it is switched on. My aunt #3 (his great aunt) bought it for him.

At his paternal grandma's house, his aunt Lena also gave him a small round lantern. Again, battery operated but no music.

That's certainly a lot of lanterns for a baby who has yet to learn how to enjoy a lantern. To Bryan, the lanterns is just another toy that emits music and light. Another potential object to explore with his mouth..Ewwwww..

Although the weather is hazy (thanks to Indonesia's forest fire), we decided to take him to the apartment grounds for a short stroll to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The hazy weather certainly did not stop residents from enjoying the night.

At the BBQ area, a group of students was having a BBQ party.

A group of middle-aged aunties was having pot luck at one corner of the garden.

There were groups of children lighting candles on the path way. I tried to capture the atmostphere with my camera, but the photos turned out blurry as i was using the night mode without the tripod. Anyway, below are some of the clearer ones.

Happy Mid-Autumn festival Bryan.

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