Thursday, October 05, 2006

So tired

The last few days has been so hectic - at the office, and continue to work somemore after Bryan is asleep. The last few nights, i have been working till about 1am. So tired....

Lk also the same - a lot of work and have been working late as well. So if you go to my house now, u will see a big pile of clean laundry sitting at the corner. I just cannot find the time to tidy them up.

This morning when the alarm clock goes off at 630am, i realized LK was no longer at my side, nor is he in the bathroom.

I found him sleeping next to Bryan instead.

Shooi: Baby cry meh?
LK: Er...donno. I don't remember why i am here also...

Cham la.
Me: i didn't even hear baby crying over the baby monitor (if baby did la)
LK: Must have heard baby cry and went over to baby's room to comfort him, but have no recollection of that. He did remember waking up at 530am because baby was tickling his chin, but cannot remember when or why he went to Bryan's room in the first place.

Arrggghh...Both of us so overworked. Can't wait for the long Deepavali & Raya holidays to start.

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