Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hello, pretty stranger

Although Bryan is wary of strangers, he is nevertheless attracted to young and attractive strangers. When he sees them around, he will be staring at them for a few moments, and if they do not notice him, he will call out to them, "Eh, eh, eh.."

And hubby will go, "Baby pang-ten* again"
* (hokkien literal - sending electricity = flirting)

And Bryan does this to all attractive girls of all races - chinese, indian, malay - waitresses, shop assistance, the girl in the lift, and the indonesian maid who clears our table in the coffee shop.

Was at Gurney Plaza yesterday, and we were queing at the carpark payment machine when we heard Bryan go "Eh, eh, eh...*giggles*". We turned behind us, and there was this sweet young girl winking away at him.

And during dinner last night, he was teasing the ladies (malay mother and daughter) at the next table so much, that the mum just came over and scooped his face up in her palms. *geram-nya*

With a toothless smile like this, how can any girl resists his pang-ten, right?


IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiyo, he looks so cute in that pix. Your boy's gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up ;)

P/S Yes, you are right, beta blogger having problem viewing via Firefox.Pls use IE when you visit & tenkiu for visiting :D

Hijackqueen said...

I dislike strangers especially mamaks Bangla to touch my baby. You won't know how dirty and oily is their hand! Hehe... he looks adorable with his 2 front teeth.

Sasha said...

so young kau lui? hehehe jayden also likes to kau lui neh..

shooi said...

Hijackqueen - I also dislike strangers touching my baby, but wat to do, my baby go and kacau them.

Sasha - don't they all start early :)

Angeleyes said...

aiyoh...Bryan so cute leh.
My Darrius also likes to kau-lui and kau-obasan (aunties)! All the aunties or sometimes uncles just like to play with him when we go shopping!

Hellewise said...

hahah ur son is so cute and funny .. and adorable... :D

nice teeth...