Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Caught by the sick bug

I had to leave Bryan at my mother's house yesternight as
1. I had to entertain a colleague from America for dinner
2. I have a 730am conference call and hubby have an early conference call too.
==> I will have to leave the house at 630am to send him to mom's house if i take Bryan home

I called home a few times yesternight to make sure that Bryan is ok => drink milk oredi boh? Sleep liao boh? Before i went to sleep at 1130pm ++, sis sms me to inform me that Bryan has some slight fever...38C++. Since it's late already, i told her to tell mom to just monitor, give some kiddi paracetamol, put coolfever, and see how things are in the morning. Anyway, paed said that it is only considered high fever if > 39C.

Then i got a phone call at 1240mn from my sis - Bryan is having a high fever - 39.2C . Sis asks that i take him to see the doctor. But so late liao, it'll take me 30mins to change my clothes, pack some of Bryan's stuff and get to my mom's place. Another 20 mins to get to the hospital, another 20-30 mins there for the paed to arrive & examine him. No one is going to get any sleep, esp Bryan. So i told my sis, (mum taking care of bb, cannot talk on the phone), wait till morning and see how. Just continue to check bb, and sponge if necessary.

In the morning, bb's fever had subside, but mom said that bb is still cranky and ask that we take him to the paed. There's no way i can take the day off because i have a few meetings scheduled with my visiting colleague, and there's no way i can reschedule the meetings as he leaves this afternoon. Luckily hubby took the day off as he was not feeling well himself.

So hubby went over to mum's place. Checked baby - still no fever. But my mom & dad insists to see the paed. So off to the hospital they go. The paed is a very popular paed, and it is usually a very very long wait.

While waiting, hubby and mom felt Bryan's body got warm and asks the nurse to check his temp - sure enough fever again - 38.7C. As the paed is still not in yet (still at the ward doing his rounds), she gave Bryan some paracetamol.

Hubby warned the nurse that Bryan hates taking medicine, so to get him to take 2.5ml of medicine, the nurse had to separate it into many many sessions. Each session, just put a few drops into his mouth. The paed arrive about 30 mins later, and when he sees Bryan, fever has gone down to 37.2C .

Turned out Bryan has some throat infection and have to take antibiotics. No choice as there are some white spots at the throat. But luckily don have to admit yet. Have to monitor for the next 2 days and if he is still ill, will have to take him back to the paed.

Anyway, now he is slightly feverish - up & down. Has no appetite for food. Does not want to drink EBM out from the bottle. So he barely ate during the day except for a jar of Heinz pureed vegetables.

Actually my mom ask me not to take him back for the night as he is very very clingy and mom is afraid that I will not be able to get anything done, since i normally need to work from home.

But since he rejects EBM from the bottle, I need to take him home so that i can directly breastfeed him. And i do want to spend time with him. Luckily he accepts direct breastfeed. In fact I had to breastfeed him more times than usual last night. But it's ok, coz BM will help him to recover faster.

Poor baby, pls get well soon.


angeleyes said...

Aiyoh! My Darrius has fever yesterday too!!! Went to the doc this morning and dignosed with throat infection too!!!! So is myself! Gggrrrhhh... and we are going to fly off tomorrow!!!! damn suay! :(

IMMomsDaughter said...

Poor Bryan, hope he recovers soon. I've got the sore throat bug myself. Btw, you've got a wonderful mom, willing to take bb even though sick.

See Fei said...

you are a great mother and it is bryan good fortune to have you as his mum!

wish bryan a quick recovery!

jazzmint said...

poor bryan...viral fever is always so worrying, fever up and down and keeps us busy all the time.

i hope he's recovering now. yup, EDM sure helps..Vyktore escaped a viral fever last month I think cause of EBM kekeke