Friday, November 03, 2006


I decided that after he turned one, I will start introducing formula to him. Last week, we tried giving formula to him.

First time – by me, on Friday at midnight. Reaction: - UWEK!

On Monday, I passed the tin of formula to my mom and ask her to try giving him some when the chilled EBM is finished.

My mom tried once. Reaction: - UWEK! ...again!

To make matters worse, now he don’t want to drink from the milk bottle, even though it is EBM. Mom had to spoon-feed the milk to him now, most of the time.

Cham lo. I hope it is just the brand of formula that he dislike. My mom took a sip of it and said that it tasted & smelled awful. Well, the type of formula is the HA type, so we guess maybe HA tasted awful, as I had read from somewhere.

His next paed visit is less than 2 weeks from now. I’ll ask for another formula recommendation & sample then. Maybe a vanilla flavoured one? In the meanwhile, we’ll just have to continue of 100% BM until then.

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IMMomsDaughter said...

That's because he is a smart boy, can differentiate EBM from formula :) I guess you need to try & try with other formulas, buy the small tin ones first