Monday, November 13, 2006

Look at me, or...

Hubby was commenting that Bryan is getting more and more demanding. When he "talks" to us, we have to look at him. If we don't he will do anything to get our attention. Normally he will place his palms on our face and turn our face towards him.

The 4 persons closest/ who spend the most time with Bryan are my parents, hubby and me.

My parents - their activities revolve around Bryan when he is around. So he has their full attention most of the time.

Me - I consider myself pretty attentive to Bryan when i am with him.

Hubby - Quite attentive most of the time, but if there is something interesting on TV or if he is talking to someone, or working on something, he has a tendency to ignore Bryan for a while.

So looks like Bryan figured out a "sure-win" formula to get hubby's attention
#1: Swat at his glasses; or
#2: Hit or bite his mouth/ cheek - somehow Bryan noticed that these are more sensitive and will aim for these if hubby ignored him.

Hahaha..okay, it is not good to hit people, and whenever he does that, we will tell him that it is wrong. But at least gotta give him credit for being sensitive to what irks us the most.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Clever boy, know how to get attention already :)

Angeleyes said...

wah... Bryan also loves attention eh... well at least he don't scream in really high pic... my Darrius has been doing that and we are still wondering how and where he learn that from. He even scream back at me when i scold him...