Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sleep talk

I used to talk in my sleep. When I was a school prefect in secondary school, sometimes I would start speaking in a disciplinary tone in the middle of my sleep. There was once in a slumber party during school time, I started talking in my sleep and gave my friend a good fright….kekeke. She woke up another girl in the room and she only relaxed when the the girl told her to ignore me as I was sleep talking.

After I got married, there were also a few occasions that I woke my husband up because he thought that I was talking to him.

Somehow, after I have a baby, the sleep talking stops, at least according to my hubby. Perhaps we were both too tired to notice even if I did.

But it looks like Bryan had inherited my sleep talking behaviour. There was a few times, that after I had tucked him to bed, and I was sure that he is fast asleep, I heard him giggling. When I checked him, his eyes were shut but he was still giggling happily.

Last night, I left his room immediately after he fall asleep and asked hubby to stay behind in case he wakes up. Hubby told me later that Bryan was making “brrrrrrrr” sound with his lips. This is his one of his latest favorite game during the day now.

Then at 11:30pm, I was at the dining room packing my stuff for work tomorrow. Bryan’s room’s door is wide open and I can see Bryan from where I was. He tossed a bit and suddenly sat up and said, “Aeeeiiiiiii (surprise tone)”, so I asked hubby to go in and check at him.

Hubby went & came out and said, he’s still fast asleep.

Looks like he is really developing a habit to sleep talk. Sleep talk, ok, but please don’t sleep walk/ crawl....keke.


IMMomsDaughter said...

I think all kids do that. Ryan even grinds his teeth when he sleeps. So irritating! Talking in their sleep is quite a norm with my kids :)

Sasha said...

Haha So cute! Mine only smile and smile when he sleep...and i love to see him sleeping

jazzmint said...

haha so cute..can say aieee somemore...