Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ng ng....real keh?

Mom went for medical checkup this morning with dad with Bryan tagging along. After her medical checkup, they took Bryan to Botanical Gardens for a short detour. Coincidentally, they saw a man feeding rice to the monkeys and of course, Bryan was excited about it.

On the way back, Bryan stared at my mom and said,

Bryan: Ng ng
Mom: Huh? You want to ng-ng ah?
Bryan: Ng Ng
Mom: Wait, wait till we get home ok?

So immediately when they got home, mom let Bryan sit on the potty, and true enough he "ng-ng" into the potty.

I think it is just luck. :P


IMMomsDaughter said...

Maybe Bryan already understand what "ng ng" is. I know my girl "ng ng" in potty before she was 1 and she did know how to say ng ng too :)

Pei Sze said...

Clever boy.

Sasha said...

wah so clever boy...can tahan samo!