Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday at the garden

We had breakfast at home today. Hubby & me, eggs with ham and Bryan, oatmeal and half an apple. Since the day is airy and cool and it’s still early for Bryan’s morning nap, we decided to take Bryan for a walk at our apartment’s garden. We’ll take that as an opportunity to “train” him to sit in the stroller.

At first he refused to sit in the stroller,..*biasa* lah. So we stopped by the water fountain, and let him look at the fishes and tortoises. Then we slowly put him into the stroller.

Then as he gets used to the stroller, I pushed him round and round the water fountain making funny noises and pretending to chase daddy. Later we went for long walks around the garden & apartment ground.

Then as we are about to go home, Bryan spotted the playground and pointed for us to go there. We were a bit hesitant at first to let him go play as some of the seats are wet from the night’s rain. But after we checked it out, some of them are quite dry with spots of water that we can easily brush aside.

Oh boy, did he had fun at the playground.

We’ll come again next weekend ok?


IMMomsDaughter said...

Bryan is growing up so fast, can sit on the swing some more :)

Pei Sze said...

One small tip. Bring a cloth along to wipe the water when going to playground in the morning to avoid disappointment. This is what I obserbed from other parent.

jazzmint said...

he's so happy on the see saw huh...i realise my girl oso didn't like the stroller at bryan's age, but now older already she's OK...after walking sometime, lazy liao haha