Monday, November 27, 2006

Shake head

My colleagues warned me that the word that my baby will most expert at will be "NO" Bryan has not learnt to say No, but he is getting quite clever at shaking his head.

Me: Bryan, time to get out of bath now...up up!
Bryan : (Shake Head)

Me: (Try to put Bryan into the car seat)
Bryan: (Shake Head) (Throw tantrum)

Bryan: (Try to open the drawers)
Me/ Hubby: Bryan NO.
Bryan: (Shake Head)

Me: (try to get Bryan to finish his food)
Bryan: (Shake Head, pushes away the spoon)

The way he shakes his head is quite hilarious sometimes - very exagerated . MIL says he looks as if he is on Ecstasy.

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Pei Sze said...

Mine still don't know to shake head for "No". He shakes for fun because my bro teach him to. He will shake his head whenever my bro said "Yao Tou".