Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bryan's angpow saved the day

I was out for my regular car service appointment when the Penang FON staff came for the installation.

We asked the Penang FON admin to install on Saturday morning, but they never confirmed our appointment. So we did not expect them to come and thus did not prepare the RM300 for the start up fees & deposit.

Hubby had only RM100 cash with him, and was caught by surprise when the Penang FON staff came. He actually told them to wait while he confirm that he has enough cash to pay them.

We had Bryan's party just a few weeks ago, and all his birthday angpows are still at the top drawer in his bedroom. We haven't had time to even take it out from the packets and bank it into his account yet. So obviously that was the first place hubby went to hunt for $$.

Oh-oh...sorry dear, mummy & daddy will replace that for u ok.

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IMMomsDaughter said...

It's ok, just payback with interest. Lol.