Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yeah…I have Penang FON now

Finally after months of unsatisfied service with Streamyx, we have Penang FON at our house. Why are we switching to Penang FON?

1. Streamyx keep dropping off, especially on weekends, starting from Friday night. Lately, it is getting worse that sometimes it will drop off in the middle of the work day (on the rare occasions when I work from home) or during my night conferences on weeknights. This is a big problem for me as I regularly have teleconferences at night, and is an even bigger problem especially when I am the host for the meeting, and need to share presentations.
2. My Streamyx connection is only 512kbs at RM66 per month
3. Penang FON is up to 2GB/s at RM60 per month
4. Most of the people I know who is on Penang FON are satisfied with the service
5. Only setback of Penang FON is I have to incur another round of startup fee, which totaled RM300 (inclusive of 3 mths refundable deposit).

So now, I have to go and cancel my Streamyx account. Let’s hope it’s an easy process.


Angeleyes said...

I also saw this Penang FON thingy on some banners along the Tanjung Bungah Rd area... then went to check out their website and they only service apartments... is that right???

shooi said...

Angeleyes. They have for houses as well but i think is more expensive, as they need to perform the 'wiring' individually where else we share for apts.

Angeleyes said...

wah... ini maciam ah! Looks like got to stick with shitty streamyx lor coz I don't think my Piggybeng would want to pay that extra $$$