Monday, December 04, 2006

Saturday Swim Session

The direction of the sun has changed and I found that the pool is shaded at 4pm onwards. (I think it’s earlier, but I haven’t the time to confirm). So decided to take Bryan swimming on Saturday, after a long stop.

My sis bought a pair of upper arm floats for Bryan a few month ago. They were really cute with Twetty Bird, Slyvester the Cat & Bugs Bunny design. I have not let Bryan use it before as they were quite big for his arms.

But now, I think they are the right size, and they are.

We went at about 430pm, and the water was quite cold, plus there is cool wind blowing. But surprisingly Bryan was not scared at all. In fact, the moment his feet touched the water, he wants to go in immediately.

But unfortunately, the “air stopper” pops up when we are in the water, so I dared not let go of him even when we are in the water.

And this naughty boy wanted to taste the swimming pool water, and kept opening his mouth. When I said “No”, he giggled cheekily.

Went round the pool a few times, but since the water is cold, we did not want to stay long. But the moment we pulled Bryan up, he wailed and struggled to get free. He was so funny that the security guard laughed at him, “Dia nak mandi lagi la…kakakakak”

Swim photos? Watch out for my next swim post!

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